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The upgrade and reconstruction of the Anike 4 tunnel kiln was successfully completed

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On May 27, 2018, Zhengzhou An Nike Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 4 tunnel kiln environmental protection and intelligent efficiency improvement project was successfully completed. The morning 4th tunnel kiln ignition ceremony was held in the firing workshop of Fuhua Branch. Li Fuchao, Chairman of the Board, Yan Juxin, Assistant to the President, Zhang Yafei, Manager of Fuhua Branch, Fan Yonglin, Business Manager of No. 4 Kiln Reconstruction Unit, and Workshop Director and Staff Representative of Fuhua Branch attended the ignition ceremony.

At the ignition ceremony, Zhang Yafei, manager of Fuhua Branch, delivered a warm speech and expressed warm welcome to the company leaders and guests attending the ceremony. He expressed sincere gratitude to the contractors and individuals who participated in the reconstruction of No. 4 tunnel kiln, and Zhang Yafei. The manager introduced the basic situation of the construction of No. 4 tunnel and the specific measures and significance of the environmental protection and energy efficiency improvement to all the personnel who participated in the ignition ceremony. At 9:17, the company's chairman Li Fuchao issued an ignition order, announcing the start of "No. 4 kiln ignition".

The smooth ignition start of the No. 4 tunnel kiln marked a significant improvement in the automation and intelligent level of the company's kiln equipment, which played a significant role in promoting the company's energy saving and emission reduction, improving product quality and reducing production costs.

After the ignition ceremony, the employee representatives said, “The company can make the determination to carry out the intelligence, consumption reduction and efficiency improvement of the production equipment under the current circumstances, which greatly encouraged the morale of the employees. I am proud of the company’s move. After the renovation, the labor intensity of our employees will be reduced, and the working environment will be improved. The next step will be to do our job well and strive to contribute more to the company."


  No. 4 kiln ignition ceremony site (1)


  No. 4 kiln ignition ceremony site (2)